Prevent Oral Injury with These Three Methods

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You can keep your smile for a lifetime, especially if you take steps to reduce your risk of oral injury during sporting activities. Tooth and jaw damage can occur all the time, especially for newly walking babies, active and roughhousing kids, and those who participate in high-contact sports. The following three steps can greatly reduce the risk of injury when you play sporting activities:

– Wear a sports mouth guard that covers your teeth when you participate in physical activities of any kind. Utilizing a protective oral appliance goes a long way in preventing tooth damage because it absorbs the impact of being struck by an object, colliding with another person or striking your mouth when you fall. Whether you play football or enjoy sledding and mountain biking, a mouth guard can make all the difference.

– Wear a face mask when playing sports that center around launching object across a space that could also soar at your face and cause injury. This includes baseball and hockey, all of which often result in oral and facial injury when oral appliances aren’t in play.

– Wear a helmet that effectively protects both your face and skull so that you don’t suffer from oral and facial injury or a severe head injury such as a concussion from engaging in risky sports and physical activities.

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