Will Dentures Change My Diet?

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If you are in need of receiving new dentures, you will need to make a few adjustments in your life, including your diet and how you eat. It may feel strange for a while to eat with dentures since they don’t feel quite like natural teeth, but practice can make you a pro in no time. Our dentist will help you navigate how to eat with dentures and how to adapt your eating habits for false teeth.

Adjusting Your Diet
You may need to eat a diet of soft foods for a while after receiving dentures. Restrict yourself to small bites and use both sides of your mouth to chew slowly as you acclimatize to your dental appliances.

Bite and Chew With Care
While it may be a habit to bite into food with your front teeth, this can loosen your dentures and allow them to shift around and cause gum irritation. Instead, avoid biting into food or use your canines, and then maintain an even pressure on both sides of the dentures when chewing.

Building Confidence With Dentures
Dentures feel more comfortable the more they are used, and after just a few days or weeks, you may be ready to try tougher and firmer foods again. However, chewing gum and some foods that are hot or involve sharp bones and shells should not be included back into your diet.

Long-Term Diet
After a time, your new teeth will become second nature and you can enjoy a diet that is almost the same as what you used to eat. We encourage you to avoid sticky and hard food, such as nuts and seeds.

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