A Loose Dental Crown Requires Timely Treatment

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A dental crown is often used by a dentist like Dr. John H. Koot to treat a tooth that has suffered from a significant amount of tooth decay or damaged tooth enamel. Dental crowns are created from special materials intended to rival the natural strength of tooth enamel before it is secured onto an anchoring abutment with a strong dental adhesive.

Unfortunately, there are some things that can potentially weaken the dental adhesive and cause a dental crown to feel loose or increasingly sensitive. Even if you aren’t experiencing any immediate pain or discomfort, you should still have the loose dental crown examined by an experienced dentist like Dr. John H. Koot.

While you are waiting for your appointment at John H Koot DMD LTD, there are some simple things you can do to help minimize the chances of suffering a further complication.

First, try not to play with a loose dental crown, as it could potentially damage the internal abutment. Dr. John H. Koot and his professionally trained staff will also address any necessary cleaning treatments that you will need.

After examining the tooth to assess the severity of the problem, Dr. John H. Koot will present you with the most applicable treatment strategy. This could include replacing the dental crown, performing endodontic therapy, or simply removing the original dental crown and cementing it back in place with fresh dental adhesive.  

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