What Are Cavities, And How Does My Body Fight Them?

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We all hear about cavities, and how brushing our teeth can help prevent them. While this is true, did you know that your body also has natural defenses against cavities? If you understand how cavities form and what your body does to defend against them, you can better use these defenses to your own advantage.

Cavities are holes in your tooth enamel, which form primarily due to acid erosion. The bacteria that live in your mouth coalesce to form a sticky film called plaque. The bacteria eat the sugars that are in your mouth (from leftover food particles and drinks). The bacteria then create an acid, which eats away at enamel until it forms a hole.

It is important to note that acids present in foods and drinks can also wear away directly at enamel and form cavities. It is important to limit your acidic food intake; this especially applies to acidic drinks such as sports drinks, alcohol, soda, and fruit juices.

You can fight cavities by brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes each session It is recommended that you wait for 30 minutes after eating before brushing, because the acids in food softens enamel, and brushing in that state can actually damage your teeth. Instead, stimulate your body’s natural defenses for those first 20-30 minutes.

The body’s first natural defense against acid erosion is saliva production. Saliva delivers fortifying substances to tooth enamel, physically washes away acids and food particles, and neutralizes existing acids. Chew gum for 20 minutes after eating to stimulate saliva production and fight cavities.

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